About State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI)

Announcing the State Small Business Credit Initiative in Nevada

Access to capital funding is available through two new programs for small businesses in Nevada so they can grow and diversify. Nevada has been awarded $13.8 million in federal capital funding to support our state’s Nevada Collateral Support Program and Nevada Microenterprise Initiative programs.

The State of Nevada anticipates that all programs supported by SSBCI dollars will be providing much needed capital to our micro and small business community. With these dollars, we anticipate new jobs will be crated and existing jobs will be retained. Nevada will leverage the SSBCI dollars in conjunction to the programs created in the 2011 Nevada Legislative session in both AB 449 and SB 75. It is anticipated that between these two programs there will be generated 1,035 new private sector jobs in Nevada between the initial periods through December 2016